Port Isaac- Cornwall

If Port Isaacs isn’t on your places to visit list for Cornwall you might want to start your list again. Famous for a multitude of reasons, however for many its the home of Dr Martin.

As part of our family holiday to Cornwall, Port Isaac lies on the northern coastline of Cornwall and is a great place for all the family. Be warned though the Cornish love a good hill, this is in stark contrast to the never ending flat lands that roll across Norfolk. Port Isaac is no exception from leaving the car park to the bay in lower area to the towering hills over the bay the inclines and declines defiantly get the blood pumping.

Now I will write a separate post on traveling with a family of 5 from Norfolk to Cornwall as thats an achievement on its own.

I’ll be honest though when we first planned to Visit Port Isaac this was entirely for the benefit of my other half, yet as the day progressed all three children loved the adventure.

Starting with arriving, we underestimated the popularity of Port Isaac. Traveling at the back end of August meant that the full strength of the great British holiday season was still in swing therefore the 139 space car park at the top main road into Port Isaac was packed by 10am. Needless to say there is a second car park located further down with a further 100 spaces however again this was packed. Luckily using the power of Google maps and a keen eye for parking restrictions we found a gap on a residential road just opposite the main car park. Sorry residents.

Trewetha Lane- Port Issac

Whenever i take the family away I always have my trusty back pack with a series of critical items in which might seem like over kill but reduces my likelihood of missing something and being caught out. Make sure you pack drinks and snacks of the entire family as although there is places throughout the day they are both extremely busy and a little on the pricey side.

Instantly you feel the burn on the legs as the hilly roads all point downwards towards the port itself. The kids straight away were visibly excited as the streets narrowed and the properties beemed character. Once you find yourself in the main Port we found ourselves feeling small as the towering hills surrounded the Port and in the centre stood the historic front.

Port Isaac

What i would like to add at this point is that no filters are used on any of the photos taken of this day. Again emphasising the natural beauty of this place. Now from a family perspective i am always concerned that these adventures are more for the adults however Port Isaac has something for the whole family. When standing looking out to see the whole right side of the port consists of rock pools and caves, therefore ensure you have buckets packed and a torch to see right in. The short video below gives you an appreciation of what Port Isaac has to offer your family.

At the end of the harbour is a main sea wall which stretches across, leaving just the opening for the boats. This is a great place to get a photo of not only the scenery but also a family shot. You will notice that the main Norfolk Explorers photo was actually taken on this wall.

Sea Wall – Port Isaac

From here we had a quick bite to eat consisting of some premade sandwiches however there were plenty of places which offer food within the area. To the east of the port is a view point up an extremely steep hill, I cannot stress this enough if you, your children or anyone accompanying you are tired or struggle with steep hills I don’t recommend however for those that can they view is amazing. The children by this point were starting to flack due to the mixture of hard terrain but also they day were we went in August was extremely hot.

East Side of Port Isaac view point

After this we took a walk back down to the port and enjoyed a victory traditional Cornish Ice-cream whilst taking in the small independent shops that make up the village before heading back to our car. Overall the day was great for all the family, the adults loved the scenery and the overall feel whilst the children got a chance to experience a simpler life, and explore the caves and beach that centres Port Isaac. This is definitely an experience I would recommend to all families

Cost – Car park (although we parked on the street – wouldn’t recommend)

Distance – Depending on how far you explore approx 3 miles – Wear the right footwear

Toilets – At the car park and also in the centre of Port Isaac

Catering – multiple venues

Dog friendly – Yes

Wells-next-the-sea – Norfolk

October half term 2020 is unlike many, in the sense the novelty of ‘lock-down’ and the reality that its going to be a long winter loom over as winter nights close in fast, however that doesn’t mean it has to be a dull one.

Located just 50 minutes north-west of Norwich this seaside walk consisting of all the key elements of a great day for the whole family, sandy beaches, woodlands, local shops and a park.

We parked at the ‘Stearmans Yard’ Car park located a short walk from the main water front known as ‘The Quay’.

Here you a given two choices, either head along the front taking in the selection of independent shops and cafes or take the walk along the quayside down towards the main beach.

The walk along the quayside to the beach is approx. 1.2 miles therefore quiet alot for little feet however goes by quickly due to the great landscape. I would recommend that if doing this in any other season then summer you coat up as the path is raised and offers no protection from the sea driven cross winds. At the end you are met with a cafe, toilets and the coastal walk. Be aware that this is a very popular location and is often busy all day long. The walk to the beach is quick from here, up a flight of wooden stairs and straight onto the beach.

Running behind the beach is a woodland walk which is great for entertaining the children, with plenty of places to hide and trees to climb. The walk back follows the same path along the quayside, leading up to a children’s park just before the main ‘strip’. Overall our walk was just under 5 miles and all three children managed it without a problem and consisted all a bit of everything for all the family.

Let me know your thoughts of Wells-next-sea, or any other places worth a family day out !

Cost – Car Park Only

Distance – Approx 5 miles

Toilets – Public toilets available along the route

Catering – Multiple cafes/pubs available