The Norfolk Explorers

After many years of clogging up Instagram, Facebook or any other social media at my disposal I thought it would be time to centralise our family tours, renovations and general life through blogs, showing the highs and lows of family life!

Now let me be clear, we are the last family who want to see another family preaching and showing life’s finer parts and neglecting the reality of life. Therefore this is purely a platform where I can share our day trips like a woodland walk or our holidays, a Sunday DIY project to a bathroom makeover, in order for you all to make your own memories and set your own challenges without the traditional social media filter.

We consist of a normal family of 5 of two working parents , with the ambition of giving are kids the experience of the great outdoors. I hope you enjoy what we offer and I welcome suggestions on any new trips. Simply scroll to the bottom to see the latest adventures and to see all the adventures simply go to the menu at the top and select Adventures.

Got a question, got a place for us to visit , or simply just want to drop us a line. Email us at

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Marston Marsh – Norwich Norfolk

It seems crazy that less then a week ago the whole of the South East of the UK was coated in a thick blanket of snow, but here we are and with the slightest hint of sun the citizens of England are out in full force. Today the Norfolk explorers found ourselves at Marston Marsh,

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Norwich’s secret Garden – The Plantation Garden

After being off the scene for 3 weeks due to contracting Cornavirus, the Norfolk Explorers were back in full swing and this week we visited the Plantation Garden – also known as the ‘Secrect Garden’. Now I’m not too sure how secret the secret Garden really is as when searching for somewhere local to go

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Thorpe Marshes – Norwich – Norfolk

Located to the East of Norwich is an area known as Thorpe Marshes, nestled between Whitlingham Broad (check out our visit to Whitlingham) and the Norwich suburb of Thorpe this Norfolk Wildlife Trust site is a place of beauty all year round. Now one thing to point out straight away is that there is no

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Lockdown V3 – Repairing the Greenhouse and Smoking Brisket

With all the positivity surrounding multiple vaccines the reality of the long road ahead to us is now oddly more obvious then it was with the original lockdown back in March 2020. With spiralling numbers both in cases and sadly deaths we have taken the decision that even though entirely within the rules of ‘lockdown’

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Visiting Stonehenge for Free !

Stone Henge is up there with some of the most iconic British landmarks, standing proud in the countryside of Wiltshire just off of the A303, this circular ring of standing stones attracts visitors from far and wide – Even from as far afield as Norfolk ! Yet even with all the history luring me in,

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The Mystical Woods – West Norwich

I’m not sure to when the woods behind Thorpe Marriott became known as the ‘Mystical woods’ however it is more attractive then simply ‘the woods’. Growing up in Thorpe Marriott i had little interest in this woodland and it wasn’t until i was in my early 20’s i went to the Mystical woods after purchasing

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Cromer – Norfolk – Loaded Fries and Beach Walks

As Norfolk emerges from Christmas day into Tier 4 the Norfolk Explorers continue to find trips out that remain within the guidelines and this week we found ourselves in the beach town of Cromer, famous for its mighty peer projecting into the North Sea and its long coastal walks we took the opportunity to explore

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